Stock footage – Data Centre

Video news release footage of the Department of Human Services data centres.

On 25 May the Government announced the opening of a new data centre that will save taxpayers millions in operating costs and provide vital stability for numerous government departments.

The security and reliability offered by this new facility means the government is in a strong position to expand the services offered through its various digital channels and provide services to various Commonwealth agencies.

The Fyshwick data centre has also been specifically designed to ensure an energy conscious and cost effective use of resources.

The building is nearly entirely self-sufficient with its water requirements thanks to a clever water retention system, and an LED lighting system ensures power isn’t used unnecessarily.

The opening of the new site marks the near completion of the Department of Human Services’ data centre consolidation project and will save taxpayers $24.5 million in leasing costs over the next decade.

*Please note: the below video is stock footage of the Department of Human Services’ data centre and has been compiled to be downloaded by media outlets. This footage does not include audio grabs.

You can download the High Res version of this video (MOV 7.5 GB).