World Social Work Day 2017

World Social Work Day

On World Social Work Day the Department of Human Services recognises and celebrates the important role social workers have in the department providing support to all Australians.

With over 700 social workers, the department is one of the largest employers of social workers in Australia.

World Social Work Day 2017 – Transcript (DOCX, 19KB)
World Social Work Day 2017 – Transcript (PDF, 209KB)

Emma is a Social Worker at the Sunshine Service Centre in Victoria, who provides face-to-face support to help people through a difficult time.

“We work closely with that individual, or their family in being able to connect them with services in the community,” Emma said.

One of the services Emma works closely with is the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, which deals with a variety of complex issues in particular family and domestic violence.

“I work closely with the applicant and respondent worker in being able to support individuals and families either effected by family violence, or who may have perpetrated the family violence,” Emma explained.

“Getting people linked with the key services in their area to make sure they have ongoing support.”

Sam Caldera, Respondent Practitioner at the Sunshine Magistrates’ Court of Victoria recognises the important role the department social workers have.

“I’ve been referring some of my clients who really need some assistance from Centrelink, and even the other services, so I link them with Emma who’s been very helpful,” Sam said.

Courtney Lucanto, Team Leader of the Family Violence Programs and Initiatives Unit at the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria echoed Sam’s sentiment.

“Our clients have provided really positive feedback about social workers at Centrelink,” Courtney said.

“Some of our clients have had really horrific, difficult lives and experience a lot of family violence and trauma.

“To have someone who is supportive, who is understanding and also points them in the right direction for further support services that’s invaluable.”

For Emma, World Social Work Day is a timely reminder about the important role her and her colleagues have.

“To reflect on the work we have done, not only for the individual, but the community in which we work in,” Emma said.

“I find that it’s a particularly special day as it allows us to focus on the great work we’ve achieved.”

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