Disability Champion: Kristalee

Meet our Disability Champion, Kristalee.

After being hit by a car that left her with a brain injury, doctors told Kristalee that she would never work full-time again.

After her accident, Kristalee went into a state of deep depression and fear. She was scared of cars and roads which took a long time for her to overcome.

It was a close friend’s advice that made Kristalee realise she had been given a second chance and that she had the power to choose how her life would turn out.

Kristalee persevered and is now running her own successful cleaning business. She is the first to admit that it isn’t easy and she sometimes struggles as a result of her disability.

Kristalee says that the most important thing she has learned is to ask for help. By surrounding herself with support people, Kristalee says with confidence that “the sky’s the limit”!

Disability champion Kristalee transcript (DOCX, 20KB)
Disability champion Kristalee transcript (PDF, 120KB)