Statement – Child Care Subsidy balancing outcomes

If a family disagrees with their Child Care Subsidy balancing outcome, or has information to provide that may impact their entitlement, we encourage them to call us on 136 150.

If someone does experience any issues, we work with them closely to resolve them.

A range of information about a family’s circumstances is used to calculate how much Child Care Subsidy they receive during the financial year. After the end of the financial year, we need to balance their subsidy to confirm they received the right amount.

More than 574,000 families have had their balancing completed, with over 87 per cent resulting in top up payments or no action. 13 percent have been advised of an overpayment.

The 13 per cent of families who have received a Child Care Subsidy overpayment is in line with the proportion of Family Tax Benefit overpayments families have received in recent financial years.

This is the first year balancing Child Care Subsidy payments and where we’ve identified any issues, we’ve been working to iron them out as quickly as possible. This is part of the process we go through when we implement new payments.

As with all payments, if we receive information or evidence that impacts someone’s entitlement, we will reassess this, which may result in a change in outcome.