8 June 2018 – Casual Staff

Recent comments in the media about the number of casual staff employed by the Department of Human Services have been grossly exaggerated.

Currently, Intermittent and Irregular staff make up 3.5 per cent of the department’s total APS workforce.

92.5 per cent of the department’s APS workforce are permanent staff—this includes permanent staff who are on part-time or flexible working arrangements.

Flexible working arrangements are available to staff under the Enterprise Agreement and are an important mechanism for APS employees to balance their work and personal commitments.

Non-ongoing staff make up the remaining 4 per cent of our APS workforce. These are not casuals, they have set hours but are employed for a fixed amount of time as per their contract.

Contractors and people employed through outsourced arrangements provide about 10 per cent additional capacity of our workforce.

These workers are engaged for specific purposes such as access to specialised expertise and additional capacity in periods of high demand.

This staffing profile and mix is not unusual for a large organisation with diverse functions.

It gives us the flexibility to deliver services in the most efficient way possible, while meeting demand, and continuing to implement the range of initiatives underway to reduce call wait times and streamline payments.