3 December 2015 – statement on enterprise agreement voting timeframe

This statement was provided to media in response to questions about the decision to reschedule the staff vote on the revised agreement:

Following meetings with bargaining representatives this week, the department has decided to progress to a vote on the revised agreement next year.

We were working towards a vote before Christmas, but we believe that taking a few more weeks to consider feedback from representatives on the proposal is likely to result in a better outcome for both staff and the department.

We want to present staff with a proposal that addresses as many of their key concerns as possible, within the government’s bargaining framework.

We’ll continue bargaining in good faith and work towards a vote in early February 2016.

The decision to reschedule the vote was discussed with bargaining representatives including the CPSU.

The CPSU’s media release misrepresents the reasons for the rescheduling.