28 June 2017 – Workforce mix in line with budget allocations

 Recruitment in the Department of Human Services is a business as usual activity and is subject to our allocated Budget and average staffing level (ASL).

It is normal for the department to regularly examine its staffing profile.

We are currently adjusting the staffing profile within our Budget allocations, to ensure we meet the Australian Government’s service delivery priorities for the 2017-18 financial year.

A key factor in planning for the next 12 months is the department’s casual employment register which is expiring in February 2018.

To reduce reliance on this register, the department is looking to adjust its workforce mix, including advertising ongoing positions and offering additional non-ongoing contracts.

As part of this, the first steps in recruitment are currently underway, with 107 roles presently advertised.

Further advertising of positions will be dependent on business needs and staff turnover.

The department remains committed to a flexible workforce strategy.

As with all recruitment in the Australian Public Service, this activity is subject to merit-based selection and current non-ongoing and casual staff are able to apply for these positions.