28 August 2019 – Correction – Misrepresentation of compliance processes

Reporting published today misleads readers by continuing to claim the department sets targets for staff based on the number of debts raised.

There are no targets set on the outcome of an income review and importantly, an income review finalisation may result in no debt.   

The following information was provided to the reporter but not included in the story:

  • Labour hire providers initiate performance recovery plans if their employees are not meeting the expectations of their employment.
  • Our focus is to support staff to deliver the best possible service to our customers.
  • We expect all staff working on income reviews to prioritise the quality of their services to customers, and to demonstrate positive workplace behaviours.
  • Management of an individual’s performance is separate from the BOOST program. BOOST is a team-based approach intended to help staff work together and build a positive team culture to improve the quality of the services to our customers

We also provided the following context about our work processes which are completely separate to performance recovery initiated for staff who are not meeting expectations of their employment.

  • BOOST is a common methodology used in many industries. BOOST works by creating visual links between data and people. Team members come together each day to share learnings and resolve any issues that affect their work. This means compliance officers can seek assistance from their colleagues or raise any concerns.
  • BOOST is a staff led process.  Staff are included in the implementation of BOOST in every compliance site from the ground up. This includes the development of the team vision, through to the whiteboard content and daily stand ups.