24 February 2016 – Correction of inaccurate claims about the January 2016 draft staff agreement

The following advice was provided to the Community and Public Sector Union in response to a CPSU media release (Malcolm Turnbull making life harder for working parents, 22 February 2016) containing inaccurate claims about the Department of Human Services January 2016 draft Enterprise Agreement.

Contrary to the union’s claims, the January 2016 draft staff Agreement clearly specifies:

  • The needs and preferences of the employee will be considered in determining an employee’s ordinary pattern of hours.
  • The department cannot change rosters or ordinary hours of work for employees without consultation and giving genuine consideration to matters raised by the employee.
  • Personal circumstances will be taken into account and staff will be provided with reasonable notice of any requirement or request to work overtime. Employees have the right to refuse overtime for personal or caring reasons.
  • Staff will continue to accrue 18 days of personal/carer’s leave each year (pro rata for part-time employees).
  • The department will consult with employees once a decision is taken in order to mitigate any adverse effect of the change on employees where that change is likely to have a significant effect on employees.