10 April – Carer Allowance reporting

We value the important role of carers and want to clarify reporting in WA Today (10 April 2019) about transitioning from a child to an adult Carer Allowance.

When a child whose parent is receiving Carer Allowance turns 16, we are required under legislation to transfer their carer onto the adult payment category. We need current medical information to do this.

This is not about confirming the original diagnosis, as the WA Today article incorrectly suggests. It is a necessary step that enables us to determine the level of care a person requires based on their current needs.

This is not related to Disability Support Pension. The purpose is to assess the level of care required under the adult Carer Allowance rules and to check the care receiver’s needs.

This legislative requirement helps ensure carers get the right payment and support for their circumstances.

The transfer process is designed to make things easier for carers. It requires less documentation than making a new claim, and the care receiver does not need to provide income or asset details.

We strive to make this process as simple as possible. However, we are not able to automatically transition people to adult payments outside the criteria set down in legislation.