Walking the talk with Indigenous languages

This International Mother Language Day, the Department of Human Services is celebrating its use of Indigenous language services.

These include a free service for Indigenous Australians to access Indigenous language interpreters, available face to face or over the phone. The department also has its own multilingual staff and Indigenous Call Centre staff who are instrumental in making its services and support more accessible.

Susan is a Juru woman and is a Programme Support Manager in the Indigenous Language Team. Her role is to promote the use of Indigenous interpreting services within the department, and maintain strong relationships with other organisations.

“Like our culture, our Indigenous languages are some of the oldest languages spoken in the world,” Susan said.

“Many of our people speak their own dialects fluently with English being a second, third or sometimes unused language. So it’s important to make sure this rich heritage isn’t forgotten.

“By talking to people in languages they understand, from a source they trust, the department can walk the talk when it comes to embracing and preserving our languages.”

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