Veterans boost cyber resilience

Veterans are using their specialist skills to defend against a different kind of threat – cyber attacks.

The Department of Human Services has partnered with Australian-based service provider WithYouWithMe (WYWM) for former Australian Defence Force personnel to work in cyber security.

Department of Human Services Chief Information Security Officer Narelle Devine said it’s a myth that IT skills are the most crucial skills needed for cyber security.  

“Far too many people think cyber is an IT business. It’s kind of not, it’s a people business,” Ms Devine said.

“What we actually need are people from various backgrounds to make a better, balanced workforce.”

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Narelle Devine – Chief Information Security Officer [WORD, 13KB]
Narelle Devine – Chief Information Security [PDF, 96KB]

Ms Devine explained leadership and management skills are crucial in the cyber security sector, and veterans like Anton Tereykovskyy have finely developed these skills during their time in the military.

Mr Tereykovskyy recently started working with the department as a Cyber Security Analyst. He served in the Royal Australian Air Force for more than nine years, and is now ready to help defend the department’s systems.

Once he’d decided to discharge from the Air Force, a friend referred him to WithYouWithMe.

“They gave me a starting base to transition to civilian life, which has led me to the Department of Human Services,” Mr Tereykovskyy said.

“I’m very excited to start my career in cyber security with a department that’s leading the way in the industry.”

The skills Mr Tereykovskyy developed in the Air Force are transferable to his new role.

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Anton Tereykovskyy – Veteran [WORD, 12KB]
Anton Tereykovskyy – Veteran [PDF, 168KB]

WYWM CEO Tom Moore said veterans are perfect candidates to deliver great cyber security capability.

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Tom Moore – WithYouWithMe CEO [WORD, 13KB]
Tom Moore – WithYouWithMe CEO [PDF, 171KB]

With a global skills shortage in cyber security predicted to reach 1.8 million in four years, the department is doing all it can to strengthen its capability.

“We’ve got several streams of veteran employment running in the branch, and we’ve already seen great success,” Ms Devine said.

“As well as employment, WithYouWithMe is also providing feedback on our operational model so we can make it as mature as possible. I’m sure we’ll continue to see success through this partnership.”