Using myGov – top tips for students

Life can be busy when you’re a student. You’re juggling classes, assignments and part time work. That’s why finding ways to make the most of your time is important.

myGov is a secure way for Australian students to quickly and easily access the government services they need online. It’s all in one place – with one login and one password.

Here are five top tips to help you make the most of myGov and save time.

1. Let Centrelink know you’ve started work

If you’re studying and are receiving Youth Allowance, Austudy or ABSTUDY and have commenced paid work, you need to let Centrelink know.

There’s no need to call. Simply sign in to your myGov account, select Centrelink and then select Update employment status.

2. Update your contact details with multiple government services at the same time

If you’re moving house, updating details like your address with other government services can be time consuming. With myGov, you can update your address in one go with these linked accounts:

• Australian JobSearch
• Australian Taxation Office
• Centrelink,
• Medicare and
• My Health Record.

Once you’ve signed in to myGov, go to Account settings, select Update your details and then follow the prompts.

3. Keep track of or make payments towards your student or training loans

If you’ve taken out a study or training loan that’s paid back through the tax system, you can view the balance in your linked ATO online account.

Once you’ve signed in to myGov, select Australian Taxation Office and click ‘Tax > Accounts > Loan Accounts.’ You can make a voluntary repayment by clicking ‘Voluntary repayment’.

4. Update your bank details with Medicare

The quickest way to claim your Medicare benefit after a doctor’s visit is to claim directly at the practice.

You need to have your bank account details registered to receive your Medicare benefit. To do this using myGov, you need to have your bank details recorded in your Medicare online account.

Once you’ve signed in to myGov, select Medicare and ‘Proceed to online account’. Select ‘Bank details’ to add or update your bank account details.

5. Register as an organ donor

Deciding to become an organ and tissue donor can help transform many lives. There are more than 1,400 Australians on wait lists for a life-changing transplant.

If you want to become an organ donor, you can register your decision on the Australian Organ Donor Register using myGov. You should also discuss it with your family and friends.

To register, sign in to myGov, navigate to Medicare and select ‘Organ donor details’.

More information:

• Find out how to link all your services using myGov’s online help guides.
• Read more about registering your bank details with Medicare.
• If you have questions about myGov, tweet them directly @myGovau.