Things that happen on semester break to tell Centrelink about

Semester Break

Here are three common things students do over the break that Centrelink needs to know about.

Tell Centrelink if you’re…

Going overseas

You’ve put in the hard yards all semester and soon you’ll jump on a plane to head overseas. Make sure you tell Centrelink.

To continue getting a student payment from Centrelink while you’re overseas, you must be travelling for an approved reason. Do your research and find out what will happen to your Youth Allowance or Austudy before you go.

Before you leave Australia, you need to let them know. So jump online and advise of travel outside Australia.

Starting paid work

You’re swapping the books for some work over the study break because you’ve lined up a job. If you’re doing any paid work throughout your studies or during breaks, you need to report your income to Centrelink.

This is because any income you earn has an impact on your Youth Allowance or Austudy. Even if you’re earning under the income free area it still affects your income bank.

If you’re not already set up to report income, all you need to do is sign into your Centrelink online account through myGov and select Update Employment Status from your account home page.

Once you’re set up to report, the easiest way to do it each fortnight is online.

Moving back to your parents’ home

You’ve spent the past three months dreaming of a good homemade meal, so you’re heading home for a feed and family time. You may need to let Centrelink know.

If you’re getting Youth Allowance and you’re moving back to your parents’ home, you need to tell Centrelink if you’re not maintaining your semester accommodation away from home.

If you’re not maintaining your accommodation, you need to update your address. Returning to your parents’ home in this situation means you’ll get the living at home rate of Youth Allowance.

See what other changes to your circumstances you need to tell Centrelink about if you’re getting Youth Allowance or Austudy.