Tanim’s engaging year

Tanim still remembers one particular call he took at the Department of Human Services’ Queanbeyan Smart Centre.

“I picked up a call from a mother while she was singing to her children,” Tanim said.

“It reminded me that everyone we talk to is a person – the service we provided directly affected their livelihoods.”

Tanim is one of the department’s 2017 National Graduate Program intake, who marked the end of their graduate year at a ceremony held at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra.

Unlike most of his peers, he was recruited from within the department, having worked at the Queanbeyan Smart Centre since 2015.

“I joined the National Graduate Program because I had experience in the front line, and wanted to improve programmes based on my knowledge,” Tanim said.

Tanim grew up in Canberra and has a Bachelor of International Relations and a Bachelor of International Security Studies with Honours from ANU.

He said his security background came in handy for his second rotation.

“In my first rotation I was in the Income Management Programme Delivery team,” Tanim said.

“I worked with a fantastic and high performing team to manage and maintain the Income Management Programme.

“I joined Cyber Security for my second rotation in July this year and I will continue to work here.

“My education is security-centric and this team is a natural fit for me.”

Tanim said he had loved being able to learn on-the-job, and seeing exactly how his work contributed to the integrity of the department’s systems.

He also said he had enjoyed the other opportunities the Graduate Program had presented, such as his Outbound Journey, where he spent three days at the Wollongong Service Centre.

“The staff at Wollongong do incredible work,” Tanim said.

“They re-settle refugees, and are the initial point-of-contact for people who are experiencing serious familial or substance-abuse related circumstances.

“I have a lot of respect for the work they do due to the sheer complexity of the issues they encounter.”

National Graduate Program 2017 cohort with department Secretary, Renée Leon.

While all of this year’s graduates have had life-changing experiences, Tanim’s 2017 was particularly notable.

He proposed to his partner of six-and-a-half years in Sydney this September.

“I was tossing up between buying a new guitar and a ring,” Tanim said with a smile.

“I settled on the ring.”

Professionally, Tanim is looking forward to continuing in cyber security, and learning more about the “fast-paced” area.

He encouraged others to apply for the graduate program.

“I’ve learned a lot in a year, and been challenged to take on a lot of new skills,” Tanim said.

“I would definitely recommend the National Graduate Program to people interested in working for the department.”

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