Spreading the word about Indigenous services

Lady speaking to a man on a television set being filmed

Department of Human Services staff are not just working hard behind the scenes, we also have experts who spread the word about the services we provide to communities around the country through regular television interviews.

Lauren Callinan, who works in Indigenous Services in Adelaide, was recently interviewed on the ‘Our Time’ programme on Channel 44 about the services and support the department provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Lauren has worked for the department for almost 15 years, first starting as a Customer Service Advisor just a few weeks after finishing year 12 in 2002.

“During that time I’ve worked in many different areas, from our Service Centres, Call Centres, IT and now, where my true passion lies, Indigenous Services,” Lauren said.

She is part of a broader team, who provide leadership for the department through strategic advice, analysis, expertise and support to secure improved outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

Spending time with family and learning more about her family history is a big part of Lauren’s life.

“My father is an Aboriginal man, born in Maroopna, Victoria. He comes from a large family who are proud Yorta Yorta people.

I really identify with my dad’s side of the family and am very close with them. He’s one of 14 children and both his parents were Aboriginal.”

When she’s at work, Lauren enjoys making a difference to people’s lives by providing support to Indigenous Australians.

“I am very proud of my heritage and I feel fortunate to be able to use this to help influence change and make a difference to the lives of everyday people who, at times, really need someone to bat for them.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to work with a group of like-minded, dedicated, generous and inspiring people, who share a common goal; providing support and information to those who need it most.

More information

To find out more about the support we provide Indigenous Australians, go to: humanservices.gov.au/indigenous

You can also watch Lauren’s TV interview:

Adelaide (Ch.44) – Monday 5 October at 7.30 pm

Melbourne and Geelong (Ch.31) – Wednesday 14 October at 3.30 pm

Sydney (Ch.44) – Thursday 15 October at 7.00 pm

Brisbane (Ch.31) – Sunday 11 October at 5.30 pm

Programme times may be subject to scheduling changes. Please check your local guide for any updates to dates and times.