Simplifying forms for aged care services

Every year the department processes over 180,000 means assessment forms for Australians seeking help with the cost of aged care.

The Aged Care Forms Taskforce brought together consumer groups, aged care providers, peak bodies, financial advisors and partner agencies to make the process easier for older Australians and their families.

Led by the department, the Taskforce worked closely with our customers and drew directly on the insights of our experienced service delivery staff. Design sessions and over 180 user-testing sessions across the country taught us where the problems and frustrations were arising, and gave us a deeper understanding of the customer experience during what can be a challenging time.

Through those conversations we developed better ways to conduct means assessments for customers entering aged care. Approximately 110,000 people will no longer have to complete a form at all. For those who do, the forms are significantly shorter and simpler, taking around half the time to complete.

Our redesigned forms were also merged into a digital service offer, using questions that could change depending on the customer’s individual circumstances. These important steps will ease the journey into aged care and help families to focus on what counts.

Extract from the Services Australia Annual Report 2018-19