School’s out! What’s next?

Five students in school uniform walking past a large red brick school.

The last day of school is a milestone that can feel like it’s been forever in the making. But before you pack away the homework, there’s one more thing to do – decide what happens next.

Department of Human Services student payment expert Deb Masani has some tips to help you make the transition to life after high school.

“Think of what you like doing the most,” Deb said. “What are your goals and aspirations? What are you good at?

“The answers to these questions can help you decide what to do after you graduate. Talking to friends and family, teachers and career advisors can also be helpful if you’re still not sure which direction to take.

“It may be tempting to ditch the schoolbooks forever, but tertiary study is different from high school.

“If you’ve been studying for the last 12 years, you might feel like it’s time for a break. You could take a gap year from study and get a job or start an Australian Apprenticeship.”

Australian Apprenticeships are available in over 500 occupations, and give you the opportunity to train, study and earn an income across a range of traditional trades as well as some qualifications you might not have thought about.

“You may consider registering with an employment agency or recruitment company, or you can look for a job on jobactive or other job search websites,” Deb said.

You can also subscribe to news for students and trainees to get regular news highlights and information from the department.

Another useful resource is the Payment and Service Finder, which helps you find, estimate and compare payments and services you may be eligible for.

The department’s Student Update Facebook and Twitter accounts can help you with questions about payments and services for students and apprentices.

The Leaving School page can also help you choose your next adventure after high school.

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