Running all over breast cancer with Nikki

Supporting the Mother’s Day Classic fun run is something very close to the heart of Nikki White, a Digital Service Officer at the Department of Human Services.

Three years ago, out of the blue, Nikki’s mum was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 72.

“My mum received a letter telling her that free mammograms had been extended to the age of 70, as the risk of being diagnosed after 70 had been revised,” Nikki said.

“I remember the phone call from mum very clearly, telling me they had found a lump in her left breast. It just changes everything in a split second.”

Nikki’s mum was lucky that her mammogram had detected the cancer quite early, but she still faced a year of chemotherapy, treatment and a mastectomy.

“My mum is doing great today, but sadly my friend’s mum passed away 11 years ago from breast cancer. Each year my friend Rebecca and I participate in the fun run to show our support and help raise money for breast cancer research,” Nikki said.

1 in 8 women are at risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer by the age of 85 in Australia.

“The research and treatment that we have today has grown massively, compared to 11 years ago. It’s the funds from these fun runs and other fundraising efforts that help support the fight against cancer,” Nikki said.

“The Mother’s Day Classic has a strong sense of community coming together. Knowing that these people are here to support each other and remember loved ones makes me come back each year. Mother’s Day is such a great day to have the event, a lot of people have been touched by breast cancer.”

Although Nikki isn’t a fan of the colour pink, she is determined to continue running in the Mother’s Day Classic and is looking forward to her 10th consecutive year next year.

“I’ll wear pink for something that is so special to me and others in my community. Next year will be my tenth year running and I look forward to achieving my goal of 20 consecutive years.”

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