Rocky’s relationship finds solid ground

Dog looking at camera

Mature male looking for love. Long term committed relationship preferred. Must love dogs!

After a life time of being unlucky in love and with lots of issues, Rocky’s odds were not looking good. That was until Stacey Waterfall, Annette Hunter and the Animal Rescue Coffs Harbour (ARCH) team stepped in.

“I’ve had Rocky since Valentine’s day last year. He was going into the pound and they called us. He was 12 years old and infested with fleas. He had arthritis, was overweight and had cancer.”

Typical for online meets Rocky’s profile picture was a little misleading.

“I saw his photo first but was surprised when I saw him for the first time. He’s 38 kilograms! He’s a big dog,” Stacey explained.

“He’s now permanently in my care. It’s hospice care, he’s on medication. He’s a blessing and has come so far.

“I’ve had a few foster dogs come through. Sometimes, like Rocky, they do end up being fosters for life. It’s what we like to call a foster-fail.”

Anette has also had her fair share of foster fails “I have been with ARCH since the start. Three years ago I fostered a little Mini Fox Terrier and my husband and I could not let him go so we adopted him along with another since then. Currently we have 3 permanent dogs, 1 foster dog and 1 foster cat.“

Stacey and Annette, as well as working for the Department of Human Services in Coffs Harbour, are some of the original members of ARCH. A not-for-profit that rescues, re-homes and finds foster care for unwanted animals in Coffs Harbour and the surrounding area.

“ARCH started with a former department staff member who was trying to find places for dogs by posting on Facebook,” Stacey said.

“We started going to markets and getting in touch with rangers. Now they contact us. We’re part of the network.”

Getting a pet can be exciting but as Annette knows it’s always more rewarding to give a home to a pet that really needs it.

“It is so important when looking for a new furry family member to look at the adoption option.”

Stacey and Anette are committed to the cause but Stacey explains that everyone, even if they can’t foster or adopt a dog, can help.

“I think it’s important that people know there is no expectation that once you’re involved you need to stay involved. Any support we receive we’re grateful for.

“Whether it’s sharing our posts on Facebook, helping out at a BBQ for a couple of hours or helping with a garage sale.”

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