Red Dust Role Modelling a healthier future

Red Dust Role Models is changing the lives of Indigenous youth in remote communities, and fundraising support from the Department of Human Services is helping this vital work to continue.

Through fundraising efforts that included casual dress days and raffles, the department has raised over $13,000 to support Red Dust Role Models to continue their mentoring workshops.

Tamara Shaw, who supports the department’s charity work, said Red Dust Role Models’ remote community programs are having a lasting impact on Indigenous youth.

“Staff from the department were so pleased to contribute to these programs that encourage healthy and active lifestyles, which will continue to reach more and more children,” Tamara said.

Red Dust Role Models CEO Scott Stirling said the fundraising support from the department will go a long way to help fund the running of programs.

“We see the lives of children and their communities transform as a result of our activity,” Scott said.

Red Dust Role Model Kyle mentoring 2 children in the remote Central Australian community of Areyonga

“The role models not only share their own knowledge and experiences, but also volunteer their time travelling to various remote areas to inspire children through music, art and sport to help them reach their goals.”

Red Dust Role Models also regularly organise primary school group visits to remote regions to meet and engage with people in Indigenous communities.

“We took a group of Grade 6 students from Melbourne to visit one of the communities for a week, where they went to school with local Indigenous students every day,” said Scott.

“One night, we were all sitting around a campfire, and we went around the circle sharing experiences from the week. The thing that stood out was how happy everyone felt. Yes there are challenges in remote communities, but there is a real sense of joy as well.

“What these students demonstrated was that the key to reconciliation is for people to have a deeper understanding of Aboriginal Australia.”

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