Podcast: Seniors and technology

Hank Jongen smiling at the camera

Department of Human Services General Manager, Hank Jongen, chats to Nan Bosler about the importance of seniors embracing technology.

Nan is the President of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA), and she is determined to help seniors master simple computer skills, and enjoy the satisfaction and benefits of using technology.

“Technology is a really important part of my life,” Nan explains.

“I think learning is a lifelong opportunity, and it’s sad when seniors don’t embrace technology, because they’re really missing out.”

Hank and Nan discuss what help is available for seniors who want to learn more about technology.

They also chat about privacy and online security, how to do business online and how to stay connected with the department.

Seniors and technology (DOCX, 19.3KB)
Seniors and technology (PDF, 477KB)

“Seniors are a little scared to try something new, but you know we can do it,” Nan says. “It’s not as hard as we think.

“If a senior is motivated to use technology, they’re going to succeed.”

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