Matt talks 25 years of tech transformation

Matt Bubner, who works for the Department of Human Services as a Service Officer at the myGov shopfront in Adelaide, has seen dramatic transformations in technology and the way customers complete their Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support business over the last 25 years. 

Matt recently talked to Peter Sellen from ‘Our Time’ on Channel 44 about how he helps customers use myGov to make their lives easier.

Matt said the early 90s was an interesting era for many reasons. One of these was the way claims were completed, filed and stored – all on paper!

“When I started with the department, paper claims were stored in batch boxes and data was stored on microfiche. This was a way we reduced the size of files – to about one twenty-fifth of the original document size,” Matt said.

“You needed to have really great eyesight or a microscope to read the data. Back then, this was the only way we could keep the masses of information we needed for our customers.”

Luckily for Matt, technology has changed to help the community do things more efficiently like banking, shopping and completing Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support business.

“These days, most people have progressed to a point where they can do almost everything online, and it’s exciting to see things are still evolving,” Matt said.

“My work over the last few years has focussed on helping people to sign up for online services in service centres across the state, and more recently now through myGov.

“It’s not just about signing people up; I also make sure they learn how to use the services themselves until they can do it without my help.

“For some people this takes one visit and for others many more. The process is different for everyone, but we are here to help.”

Matt said there have been some stand-out customers, who he has assisted to manage their own affairs independently.

“It’s satisfying helping people who are not technologically ‘savvy’ to sign up for online services and be in control of their own business,” Matt said.

“You don’t even need a computer these days – many customers are now able to use our online services through the Express Plus mobile apps.

“An elderly lady came in recently, who had never used mobile apps before. After some one-on-one guidance, she was able to use myGov on her smartphone. She told me she was really pleased that she wouldn’t have to come into a service centre so often anymore.

“I also helped a man living in local homeless shelters to notify Centrelink of changes in his circumstances, which he used to have to do via the phone.

“I showed him how to use online services and now whenever he needs to update his address, he just drops into the local myGov office in Adelaide for five minutes. He loves it!”