Live, pray and learn at Quang Minh Buddhist Temple

Once a year, the Quang Minh Buddhist Temple in Melbourne is transformed into a hub to provide valuable information about the Department of Human Services’ payments and services.

Department staff, including a Multicultural Service Officer (MSO) and Financial Information Service Officer (FIS Officer), work together to run the information session.

Download Live, pray and learn at Quang Minh Temple Transcript (Word, 13KB)
Download Live, pray and learn at Quang Minh Temple Transcript (PDF, 387KB)

MSOs help migrant and refugee individuals and communities connect with the department and its services.

“When people come to these sessions, they know they’re getting the right information,” MSO Cuc Lam said.

“Our FIS officers help people to make informed decisions about their finances, prepare for retirement and take financial control.”

Information session attendees at Quang Minh Temple.

Quang Minh Temple Vice President, Dr Pham says the information session is essential for Vietnamese people in the community.

“Cuc is a great link between the temple and the department,” Dr Pham said.

Multicultural Service Officer, Cuc Lam, shows the department’s translated videos to information session attendees.

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