Law Enforcement team takes out 2018 Cyber War Games

Law Enforcement team was announced as this year’s winner of the Cyber War Games.

This year the intensive three-day ‘Operation Shell Breaker’ saw 73 of Australia’s best and brightest government and private sector cyber security minds battle it out.

Six teams of cyber specialists worked long hours under difficult conditions to protect the mythical country ‘Shell Cove’ from cyber-attack.

In making the announcement, Department of Human Services acting Chief Information Officer, Charles McHardie said the winning team displayed exceptional cyber security skills as well as team work, communication, planning, critical thinking and creativity skills.

“These winning attributes are the ones required in any serious cyber incident,” Mr McHardie said.

“I commend you all for your work this year. The Law Enforcement sector was comprised of participants from the Department of Home Affairs, and Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.

“While they may have taken line honours, the real victory is the new comradery developed between vastly different organisations.

“Australians can and should be very proud of the strong cyber security capability on show this week.”

The department’s Chief Information Security Officer Narelle Devine said the participation from both private and government organisations was very encouraging.

“Cyber security events are constantly evolving. This is a risk—both financial and reputational—that organisations need to address,” Ms Devine said.

“The Cyber War Games offer an opportunity for cyber specialists to broaden their skillset, their relationship network and share their cyber skills.

“It helps facilitate a connected cyber security community.

“The value of hosting players from government and the private sector can’t be underestimated and can only enhance our country’s cyber defence as a whole.”

Cyber War Games Shell Breaker 2018, hosted by the Department of Human Services, ran from Wednesday 12 September until Friday 14 September.

It was developed by the Department of Human Services to foster better collaboration across the cyber security sector, strengthening skills and improving communication between organisations.

This year’s game aimed to inspire the next generation of cyber professionals and promote cyber security as a career of choice with many spectators including school, university students and VIPs visiting the games.

Through the scenario presented during Operation Shell Breaker 2018, representatives from government and private enterprise gained vital real-time experience identifying and responding to simulated cyber threats.

‘Shell Cove’ Lego® city

Pieces of Lego® were used to construct Shell Cove City. Cyber events impacted critical infrastructure in the Lego city the teams fought to defend.

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