Kristy touches down for Women’s Australian Gridiron League Championship

When Kristy Moran isn’t leading a team to deliver important digital projects at the Department of Human Services, she’s running the gauntlet for her football team to deliver touchdowns of another kind.

Kristy is one of Australia’s best Gridiron players. Last year she represented the country at the International Federation of American Football Women’s World Championship in Canada.

It was there she became the first and only Australian woman to have ever scored a touchdown at that international level – a title she still holds today.

While the attire might change from office to football field, the skills and strategies required for success at both remain the same.

“Teamwork is the number one ingredient for success both at work and on the field,” Kristy said.

“Every person within the team has an equally important role to play, and when that all comes together through communication and well-planned strategies, the chance of success is much greater.

“At work, my role as Team Leader (Scrum Master) is to support my team to meet feature delivery deadlines, while on the football field my role as Running Back is to push forward and carry the ball as many yards as possible…ideally for a touchdown!

“I wouldn’t get anywhere in either of these roles without the support of every member of my team.”

Kristy is hoping for that success when she represents Queensland at the National Women’s Gridiron Championship in Perth this week. 

Despite having played for the Chicago Force, being named in the All American First team and also being named International Player of the Year, Kristy says there is still a lot she wants to do in the sport. 

“Playing for and with Chicago Force was perhaps the most amazing of all my amazing experiences. I considered retiring, but I’m not ready yet,” Kristy said.

“I’m now focusing on my professional career so, while I am not dedicating quite the same time to my football career, I do continue to play.

“My main focus now is not just my personal performance or winning championships – I want to grow and improve the league. 

“I want to see the next generation of female players go one better than me.”

 To help see her dream come to fruition, Kristy has headed up the first all-female subcommittee with Gridiron Queensland.

“I want to leave a legacy that means this game is a very real option for female players, in a world that tells them they can’t, shouldn’t or couldn’t.”

When reflecting on her impressive football achievements, Kristy said she couldn’t have done it without such a supportive workplace.

“I have to give a big thanks out to DHS, and particularly my team, for not only supporting my journey but encouraging it with genuine interest! I have the best work crew ever.”

Kristy will be competing for Queensland at the National Women’s Gridiron Championship in Perth from 28 May until 4 June.  

Following the championships, Department of Human Services General Manager Hank Jongen sat down to catch up with Kristy and chat about her successes both at work and on the football field.

You can watch a video of their conversation on Hank Jongen’s Facebook page.