Goodna team brings community together for Families Expo

Lady smiling at camera

The Department of Human Services team at Goodna Service Centre pride themselves on being involved in their local community.

So when National Families Week appeared on their calendar they couldn’t resist the opportunity to invite local community groups around for a ‘Families Expo’, complete with face painting and a sausage sizzle.

Goodna Service Centre Manager Michelle Carter said the event was a great opportunity for people to meet service providers from the local area in a fun and laidback environment.

“This year we had 12 different stations from a wide range of local providers, including Career Employment Australia, Playgroups Queensland, and Access Community Services,” Michelle said.

“Each station had people on hand who could explain what services they provide and how people could access them.

“The feedback we received was really positive, and we were pleased to see so many people have a fun time while learning about services they may not have known were available here in Goodna.”

Michelle said hosting events such as the Families Week Expo helped the team at Goodna further strengthen their ties within the local community.

“We consider our relationship with our customers and the local community to be very important,” Michelle said.

“We often refer customers to local organisations for further support, so we think it’s vital we continue to develop these relationships.

“In fact one of our biggest highlights on the day was discovering two customers of ours were now working with one of these local service providers.

“It really reinforced how important these links are for generating positive customer outcomes.”

Of course, an event like the Families Week Expo is only successful because of the contributions made by everyone involved.

“We really appreciate all the representatives from these organisations taking time out of their day to come along and talk with our customers, the day wouldn’t have been the success it was without them,” Michelle said.

“I’m also really fortunate to work with a wonderful group here in Goodna. The enthusiasm and effort they all put into the day was remarkable.

“Two of our talented service officers, Hana and Bridget, were offering free face painting for all the kids. Our social workers, Quynh, Jay and Juan, spent the afternoon on the barbecue to ensure everyone in attendance received a sausage sizzle.

Lady face painting
Pictured: Staff member Hana Berkman face painting.

“Everybody lent a helping hand. We held a free raffle for a big goodies basket, which was filled with items every member of the team here had donated.

Michelle said this year’s Families Week Expo wouldn’t be the last from the team at Goodna.

“This year we had 12 stations set up, but we’re excited to make the event even bigger and better again next time!”

Amie Didio and Theresa Gatbonton (IMG_7803)
Pictured: Staff members Amie Didio and Theresa Gatbonton at the Goodna Families Week Expo.

Feature image: Goodna Service Centre Manager Michelle Carter .