Getting social with seniors!

Seniors Update will keep people informed with the latest Department of Human Services, Centrelink and Medicare news and information for older Australians.

Hank Jongen, General Manager at the Department of Human Services, says there are many benefits of connecting with the department using social media.

“Social media has become a vital way for the department to connect with Australians,” Hank said.

“A growing number of older Australians are using social media and have been contacting us through our existing social media channels.”

“We identified a need to create the Seniors Update Facebook and Twitter accounts so older Australians can get news and information relevant to them.”


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Seniors Update Transcript (Word, 12KB)

Seniors Update Transcript (PDF, 106KB)

The department has a dedicated team of staff who respond to questions across the department’s many social media accounts.

“If you’ve got general questions about payments and services, or need help doing something online, you can ask our staff on social media,” Hank said.

“It’s a convenient way to have your questions answered on the go. It means you may not need to call us or visit a service centre.”

While not everyone has or wants a social media account, Seniors Update is just one way the department will be sharing information with older Australians.

“Along with social media updates, the department’s print-friendly website and ‘News for Older Australians’ subscription service keeps people up-to-date with information about payments and services that could affect you or your family,” Hank explains.

“If there is a change to payments and services that will affect you directly, the department will still send you a letter in the mail just as we did before. It’s important you keep your details updated to ensure letters are sent to the correct address.”

If you already use social media, make sure you like Seniors Update on Facebook and follow the account on Twitter.

If you don’t use social media, it’s easy to sign up. Just visit the Facebook and Twitter websites and follow the prompts.

If you or someone you know need assistance using social media, you can contact your local council and ask if there are any lessons available near you.

You can also ask the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association if there is a club in your area, or look for a Broadband for Seniors Kiosk for free internet access and training.

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