Cyber War Games – it’s back and better than ever!

It’s back, bigger and better than ever! Hosted by the Department of Human Services, this year’s Cyber War Games kick off today (12 September).

For the first time, both government and private sector cyber security professionals will sharpen their skills as they overcome complex real-life simulations.

This year’s game aims to inspire the next generation of cyber professionals and promote cyber security as a top career choice.

The department’s Chief Information Security Officer Narelle Devine said the participation from both private and government organisations is very encouraging.

“Cyber events are on the rise and constantly evolving which poses a huge risk for financial and reputational damage to organisations,” Ms Devine said.

“Having players here from both government and the private sector is incredibly valuable for networking and skill development and can only help enhance our country’s cyber defence as a whole.

“They’ll have a wonderful opportunity to network and share their cyber skills throughout the games and ultimately create connections in the cyber security community.”

Operation Shell Breaker features a new Lego city, ‘Shell Cove’ that includes information and communication technologies to improve the lives of the city’s citizens. This technology includes automated rail systems, water sewerage plants and wind turbine electricity.

The use of this technology, however, makes Shell Cove susceptible to cyber-attacks from hackers.

The games run until 14 September with teams from finance, retail, transport, law enforcement, energy and government set to solve Shell Cove’s mysteries.

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