Coronavirus Conversations – Youth Allowance for parents and guardians

The next episode in the Coronavirus Conversations podcast series.  This podcast is focused on helping parents and guardians of possible Youth Allowance recipients understand the payment and the study or looking for work requirements.

With Year 12 coming to an end and decisions on future study looming, parents or guardians have questions about Youth Allowance. Is their child eligible? Has it changed? 

In the latest Coronavirus Conversations podcast, Hank Jongen speaks with Justin Bott from the Financial Information Service about Youth Allowance during the pandemic. 

“One of the most common questions parents ask is whether their income will be used to work out how much Youth Allowance their child might get,” Hank said. 

“Coronavirus has had a big impact on some family’s incomes and that could impact how much Youth Allowance your child could be getting.

“Justin and I talk about how parents can tell Services Australia to get the most accurate rate of payment.”

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