Alan donates the gift of life

Two men smiling shaking hands

Alan who works for the department in Canberra was recently recognised for a remarkable 250 blood donations as part of National Blood Donor Week.

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service presented Alan with an award to acknowledge his very special contributions, which date back to 1969!

“You hear stories of people, especially small children, whose lives are saved by transfusions. It’s great to think I’m helping these people who desperately need my blood,” Alan said.

“Not surprisingly, I’ve come to know the staff at the Donor Centre pretty well. They are all lovely people and very skilled at what they do, so I never feel a thing.

With each donation saving up to 3 lives, Alan’s donations have given up to 750 people a chance of survival.

“A fantastic thing about donating blood is that it’s something you can do even if you can’t afford to donate to charity. You are contributing something money can’t buy.

“It’s nice to be recognised with an award for something I’d be doing anyway.

Alan is urging others who aren’t already a donor to become one.

“The certificates I’ve received for my past donation milestones have been useful to display on my desk and encourage others to get involved. I’ll be doing the same with this one.

“My target is 300 donations and I plan on donating blood as long as I am able to.”

Congratulations Alan on giving the most precious gift of all – life.

More information

Find more information about becoming a donor and National Blood Donor Week from the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.