A helping hand on wheels

Mobile Service Centre Manager, Scott Walcot

As Mobile Service Centres ‘Desert Pea’ and ‘Golden Wattle’ head off the beaten track in 2016 to help customers living in rural and regional areas, Mobile Service Centre (MSC) Manager Scott Walcot takes stock of the miles travelled and the support provided last year.

Scott works closely with customers to make sure all Australians, regardless of where they live, have access to Federal Government services.

In 2015 the MSCs travelled more than 92,000 kilometres and helped locals in more than 480 rural communities. But there’s one story that sticks out in Scott’s mind.

“Last year we were visited by a customer who was caring full-time for an elderly parent and lives more than 100 kilometres away from the nearest Department of Human Services service centre,” he said.

“They came on board and we were able to arrange a Centrelink payment, social work support, appointments with community support providers and also tax assistance and a free hearing check!

“The ability to make a change to the lives of our customers on our travels is what makes a difference. Our MSC teams often assist people who really don’t know who they can turn to.”

The MSCs also assisted around 700 people affected by large scale natural disasters last year.

Scott said it’s important the service goes the distance to make sure as many customers as possible have access to the services they need.

“MSCs travel on ships and ferries too, to communities in Tasmania and on Fraser Island, Russell Island and Macleay Island,” he said.

“This is a fantastic resource which we are constantly receiving positive feedback for from our customers in regional and remote communities.

“It’s an amazing job. One day I’ll be in outback Queensland and not long after that I could find myself on Kangaroo Island. A new office every day!”

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Golden Wattle MSC

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