5 tips to help you nail your next job interview

Man looking at phone

Here are the top 5 things to help you succeed at your next interview:

1. Research the employer

TIP: It’s important to understand the job and what it involves. The best place to start is the company’s website if they have one, or talking to people you may know who work there or are in the industry.

2. Go over common interview questions

TIP: Write a list of the key points you want to get across in your interview. Make sure it covers the key skills and qualities mentioned in the job ad. It’s always a good idea to give specific examples about your previous experience and achievements.

3. Make a good impression

TIP: It’s important to dress well for a job interview. Wear something that looks professional. Avoid the stress of rushing and allow plenty of time to get to the interview. A few extra minutes to go over your key points will help you feel more confident.

4. Ask questions

TIP: Show the interviewer how keen you are to work for them by asking questions. It’s a good idea to make a list a few days before the interview of questions you have about the organisation and the role.

5. Be yourself

TIP: It’s important to be yourself throughout the interview. You can sum up why you’re the right person and thank the interviewer at the end to make a good impression.

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