Semester two reminders for students

A reminder note to update study details

Semester two census dates for most universities have now arrived, and students finalising their study load can quickly and easily use myGov to update their details with the Department of Human Services.

Whether they are starting, continuing or taking a break from studies in semester two, students receiving Youth Allowance or Austudy should tell the department about any significant changes within 14 days, to avoid a debt.

Students can tell the department if they have switched to a different course, changed their study load, stopped studying, or had a change in personal circumstances – such as moving house – all online.

Those who have recently applied for a student payment should use the ‘next steps’ tab of their Centrelink online claim to make sure they have provided all the information and supporting documents needed, to avoid any delay in having their claim assessed.

Students who picked up work over the break can also use myGov to access easy online income reporting. To get set up to do this, call 132 490.

Department of Human Services General Manager Hank Jongen said these convenient online services meet the needs of busy students.

“While students are investing in their future, the department continues to invest in making services more accessible for our customers,” Mr Jongen said.

“Centrelink Online is the one-stop shop for students to keep on top of all their payment details, while the Centrelink app offers the same convenience in the palm of your hand.”

For regular information and updates or to ask a question about Centrelink payments and services, students can visit and like