Online Income Compliance Programme Update

The Department of Human Services is making changes to our administration of the online income compliance programme.

The Department will no longer raise a debt where the only information we are relying on is our own averaging of Australian Taxation Office income data.

This is in line with our ongoing commitment to continually strengthen and improve our service delivery.

We will work through all previous online compliance debts to determine those which did not use other information.

As these cases are identified, the debts will be frozen while we look more closely at them. People do not have to do anything for this to happen. We will write to people to advise we have stopped recovery activity if they are affected.

Normal debt recovery activity will continue until and unless people are identified as being affected.

It is very important to note, this kind of income averaging doesn’t occur in most compliance reviews and debt decisions.

It only applies to a relatively limited proportion of debts – those arising from the online income compliance programme where we have used only income averaging.

People not impacted by this advice can still ask us to reassess decisions or provide new information at any stage of the process.

We remain committed to the integrity of our welfare system and will continue to ensure people are only paid benefits to which they are eligible.

We reiterate people affected by these changes do not have to do anything at this stage. If people do have questions, they can call 1800 061 838 for assistance.