New proposal offers immediate 3% payrise

An immediate 3 percent pay rise is being offered by the Department of Human Services under the latest proposed staff agreement.

General Manager Hank Jongen said the proposal offers 6 percent in total – with the 3 percent pay increase, followed by further increases of 1.5 percent on the first and second anniversaries of the agreement.

“We are absolutely committed to reaching a new deal with our hardworking staff,” Mr Jongen said.

“This revised offer contains a frontloaded 3 percent boost followed by two 1.5 precent rises over the next two years.

“We are presenting staff with more benefit to their salary from the get-go which means more pay over the duration of the agreement.

“In addition, we are continuing to offer 2.75 percent salary advancement each year for eligible staff.

“We have taken on board key concerns raised by staff and the new proposal is similar to the current agreement.

“All proposed terms and conditions are covered either in the new agreement or relevant legislation, such as the Long Service Leave and Maternity Leave Acts.

“We are confident we have an attractive offer for staff to consider that is affordable while also meeting the department’s operational requirements and the Government’s bargaining policy.

“We’re now focussed on helping our staff understand what they are being asked to accept and working constructively towards a formal vote.”