Medicare to move from Stockland Shopping Centre to one-stop shop

Medicare services currently operating from the Stockland Shopping Centre will move to the Australian Government one-stop shop on Musgrave Street from Monday 20 July.

Department of Human Services General Manager Hank Jongen said all Medicare staff and services at the shopping centre will relocate to join other department services at 190 Musgrave Street.

“Bringing department services like Medicare and Centrelink together under the same roof allows residents to do more of their government business from the one place,” Mr Jongen said.

“Moving to a one-stop shop model is part of a national service delivery rollout.

“More than 190 communities across Australia now have access to a one-stop shop and I’m pleased to announce this change to services at the Rockhampton site,” he said.

Mr Jongen said the introduction of alternative Medicare claiming options had seen a drop in demand for face-to-face services at the Stockland Shopping Centre.

“Foot traffic at the Medicare service centre in the shopping centre has been dropping steadily. Since 2012, demand has fallen by nearly a third,” Mr Jongen said.

“This is thanks to the introduction of a range of alternative claiming options. For instance, residents can now process routine rebate items straight from their GP’s reception desk without having to make a separate trip to Medicare.

“Residents can also now make a claim for common rebate items online, through myGov or through the department’s Express Plus mobile apps.

“While people are always welcome to visit us face-to-face, I’d encourage those who are able to claim routine items at the doctors or by using our self-service options to do so, as this enables staff to focus on residents with complex needs.”

All Medicare staff and services from the Stockland Shopping Centre will move to the one-stop shop at 190 Musgrave Street from Monday, 20 July. The one-stop shop opens Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.