Human Services seeks STEM graduates looking to branch out

The Department of Human Services is now recruiting university graduates with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) qualifications to start their career at one of the largest IT shops in the southern hemisphere.

Department of Human Services CIO Gary Sterrenberg said ICT is no longer just a computer science discipline and a broad range of skills and talents are required in the modern environment.

“The public sector is not always front of mind for graduates considering their future careers, but it should be. The scale and innovative use of technology at the department makes us a truly unique employer in the industry,” Mr Sterrenberg said.

“Not many people realise how big the department’s ICT operations are – our in-house technology workforce plays a crucial part in delivering over $100 billion in welfare payments to 7.3 million Australians each year.

“The department offers a broad range of career pathways including design, business analysis, ICT architecture, system engineering, development, testing and data analysis.

“Our staff also work with other agencies and national and international companies on things that have never been done before and I would strongly encourage STEM graduates in Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra to consider applying.”

Griffith University graduate Ben Hall joined the department as a graduate at the beginning of 2015 working as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) analyst and said the job has been very rewarding.

“Having previously worked in the private sector, I wasn’t sure that DHS was going to be the right fit for me but very quickly I realised that my work actually makes a difference to the lives of everyday Australians,” Mr Hall said.

“The scale of IT and the exposure to such diverse technology, combined with everyone working towards the same goal of helping people, makes the department a genuinely exciting place to work.

“The opportunities to learn new skill sets are also fantastic and the training I’ve received to use international software platforms will benefit me throughout my career.”

There are currently 150 positions available in Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra as part of a STEM ICT Professional recruitment round. Applications close on 23 October 2015.