Frankston Service Centre closed due to smoke damage

The Frankston Service Centre delivering Centrelink and Medicare  services is closed due to smoke damage resulting from a fire on a separate floor of the premises, and will remain closed for this week until further notice. The incident occurred at approximately 5.25 pm 18 April 2017 and thankfully no one was hurt.

Local residents can still access in-person Centrelink and Medicare services at the nearby Mornington, Hastings, Cranbourne, Cheltenham and Dandenong service centres, and staff from the Frankston Service Centre are being redeployed to these locations to bolster the service offer. Addresses for each of these sites are available on our website.

Some staff will remain on site in the interim to direct people to neighbouring offices and to also assist people with urgent business.

We ask people to consider delaying non-urgent business and encourage the use of digital service options available, such as the Express Plus Mobile Apps and online and phone self-service, to do routine business with the department.

We will be keeping local residents informed about temporary servicing arrangements once they have been finalised.

We appreciate people’s patience during this time and want to reassure them we are working hard to minimise disruption to services.