Don’t miss out on North Queensland floods assistance

The deadline is approaching to claim assistance payments for the North Queensland floods.

Department of Human Services General Manager Hank Jongen said eligible people in North Queensland have until 30 August 2019 to make a claim.

“If you were affected by the North Queensland floods, you still have time to make a claim for payment to help you get back on your feet,” Mr Jongen said.

Since February this year, the Department of Human Services has granted over 100,000 claims for the Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment and the Disaster Recovery Allowance – worth more than $120 million – for natural disasters in Tasmania, NSW and Queensland.

“After payments were activated for the North Queensland floods, the department paid out more than 50,000 people in the first week alone. Almost double that number of people have now lodged claims,” Mr Jongen said.

“These achievements were despite the fact that close to 20 percent of our staff in North Queensland were themselves affected by the floods.

“It says a lot about our ability to mobilise our people and technology at short notice to help so many Australians in three very different parts of the country at the same time.”

The department trialled the use of the New Payments Platform, developed by the Reserve Bank in partnership with major financial institutions.

It meant that people could get their payments instantly, rather than waiting 24 to 48 hours.

More information on the payments and how to claim is available at or by calling 180 22 66.