Need income support once JobKeeper Payment ends? Claim online, and claim now

JobKeeper Payment ends on 28 March.

Some people may need income support, such as JobSeeker Payment, if their income reduces or they’ll be looking for work after this date.

Services Australia General Manager, Hank Jongen is urging people in this situation to claim now.

‘If you need assistance, you can make a claim right now,’ Mr Jongen said.

‘There’s no need to wait. You can do it online right away, without needing to call or visit a service centre. You can start your claim up to 13 weeks before your circumstances change. If you think you’ll be in need, make your claim now.

 ‘The easiest and quickest way for you to claim a payment is using myGov.

‘If you don’t have a Centrelink Customer Reference Number, sign in to myGov and select ‘Government support for Coronavirus’. Then follow the prompts to prove your identity and create one.

‘It’s also important if you’re already getting a payment from us to continue to report your JobKeeper Payment as income until it stops.’

People can go to our website to find out what payments they can get and how to claim.

Transcript: JobKeeper Payment ends on the 28th March. If you think you’ll need income support payment like JobSeeker or Youth Allowance after that date, don’t wait to make a claim. You can claim online, right now. The best way to get more information is to go to and search for ‘need a payment’.
Transcript: You don’t need to wait for JobKeeper Payment to end. If you think you’re going to need an income support payment like JobSeeker Payment or Youth Allowance, you can make a claim right now. There’s no need to call us or visit one of our service centres. Lodge your application online.
Transcript: If you’ve been getting JobKeeper Payment and your income may reduce, you can find out what payments you may be eligible for by simply going to