Emergency assistance for communities in New South Wales

With the largest call network in the southern hemisphere and a flexible workforce of more than 30,000 staff, Australians can be confident in our ability to help in an emergency.

Our Channel Operations Facility is at the heart of how we manage the extra demand on our services.

It’s the dedication of our experts there, and their deep understanding of customer service that allows us to quickly mobilise staff and prioritise services to where we need it most, while continuing to support customers who rely on us every day.

General Manager, Jen Rufati usually manages our call network, but is currently our Flood Response Coordinator for the floods and storms in New South Wales.

“I continue to be impressed by the way our people step up across our agency to support customers in need,” said Jen.

“They’re coming together to support each other, training to learn new skills and moving to other roles to assist Australians.

“Most importantly, we can see assistance is getting to the impacted communities in NSW.”

More than 82,000 claims have been processed since 21 March, with more than $102 million paid to flood affected Australians through the Australia Government Disaster Recovery Payments and Disaster Recovery Allowance in declared Local Government Areas.

Anyone affected can lodge a claim by calling us on 180 22 66. Depending on your location, our staff are available on this line over the Easter period as follows:

New South Wales

Wednesday, 31 March from 8am to 8pm local time

Thursday, 1 April from 8am to 5pm local time

Good Friday, 2 April closed

Saturday, 3 April from 8am to 5pm local time

Sunday, 4 April closed

Monday, 5 April from 8am to 5pm local time

All other states and territories

Wednesday, 31 March from 8am to 5pm local time

Thursday, 1 April from 8am to 5pm local time

Good Friday, 2 April to Monday 5 April closed

People can check the eligibility requirements for disaster assistance on our website: www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/disaster