Podcast: How FISOs can help you

Hank and Justin in the studio

In this month’s podcast Department of Human Services General Manager Hank Jongen sits down with Financial Information Service Officer (FISO) Justin Bott.

Justin’s role with the department is to give people information about their money and help them understand their financial situation.

Download: How FISOs can help you transcript (DOCX, 22KB)
Download: How FISOs can help you transcript (PDF, 210KB)

“I describe us as teachers of money. We’re out there trying to teach people about money. How to use it well, what the implications of different decisions are, hopefully how to build up more of it,” Justin explains.

In the podcast Hank and Justin discuss what FISOs do and how they’re different from financial advisers, and they don’t just provide help for those that have retired.

“We have the advantage of providing information only. We’re not advisers,” Justin said.

“One of the biggest issues people have with advisers is they don’t understand the language they’re hearing.

“The Financial Information Service is a free, impartial service to help with that and explains what your options are.”

Hank is a regular guest on talkback radio stations around Australia, and understands first-hand the importance of financial information.

“I often talk about FISOs on the radio because I know it’s a fantastic service we provide,” Hank said.

“It’s one of the reasons I wanted to create this podcast with Justin.”

The topics covered in the podcast include:

  • eligibility for Age Pension,
  • the means test
  • when payment rates are adjusted
  • Pensioner Concession Cards
  • transferring to Age Pension from Disability Support Pension
  • Work Bonus
  • granny flat arrangements
  • aged care
  • claiming age pension
  • using online services, and
  • Nominee arrangements.
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