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National Immunisation Coverage Rates – September 2018

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Top tips for health overseas holiday travel

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Social media helps families at tax time

Infographic with stats from tax time 2016
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International agreements

Infographic International Agreement
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National emergency call centre

National Emergency Call Centre inforgraphic; 120 Emergency activations since 2006, over 80,000 calls during the Victorian bushfires, over 240,000 calls during Cyclone Yasi 2011, over 60,000 calls during the Queensland Floods in 2009, over 30,000 calls during the Hunter Floods in 2007.
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Taskforce Integrity – Ipswhich snapshot

Infographic stating that, in Ipswich, taskforce intergiry has: initiated 2,575 formal compliance reviews, identified 19 cases of suspected fraud, referred 3 cases to the COmmonwealth Director of Public Presecutions, identified 1,061 cases of overpayments, identified over $2.3 million of debt and communicated with over 3500 customers.
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Dandelion Programme

Dandelion Programme infographic
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